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Services Provided
State law empowers a community services district to "collect, treat or dispose of sewage and wastewater in the same manner as a sanitary district" (Code Section 61100 of the Government Code). The latter is empowered to "acquire, construct, reconstruct, alter, enlarge, lay, renew, replace, maintain and operate such sewers, drains, septic tanks, and sewerage collection, outfall, treatment works and other sanitary disposal systems as in the judgment of the board shall be necessary and proper." (Code Section 6512 of the State Health & Safety Code)

The Crockett Sanitary Dept. currently provides sewage collection, treatment and disposal service to 1,175 properties in Crockett. While CVSD had formerly provided oversight of garbage and recycling franchises for Crockett from 1957 to 1996, the Crockett Sanitary Dept. is not involved in those services. At several times in past years, most recently in 1997, CVSD also provided street sweeping service to Crockett. Garbage, recycling and street sweeping services are now administered by Contra Costa County.