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District Data
 Current System Vendor  Current System Product
 A brief statement of the system's purpose
A general description of categories or types of data  The department that serves as the system's primary custodian How frequently system data is collected How frequently system data is updated
 Microsoft  Access 2007  To track property owner of record, property use for setting sewer use charges and recreation assessments, sewer lateral inspection compliance, and to manage permits and contractors authorized to perform sewer repairs.  Property descriptions, property owners and their contact information, sewer easements on private property, sewer contractors, sewer permit records, and sewer lateral compliance records.  Administrative  Annual audit against County Assessor records performed in July. Manual review, no imports.  Records updated on average at least once a week as changes are identified.
 Intuit  QuickBooks 2017  Track District finances including lists of customers, vendors, invoices, deposits, and employee payroll.  Financial system audited annually.  Customer, vendors, invoices, deposits, and payroll.  Administrative Added to system as needed. No imports.   Records updated on average twice a month.

The information above is in compliance with Gov Code Section 6270.5 requiring public agencies to catalog detailed information about the information system used to store various kinds of public data.   The information is posted on our agency's website and is reviewed annually.

Updated: 6/11/2018