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Board Members

District Directors are accountable to an electorate of approximately 2,000 voters.  They are also accountable to county, regional, state and federal agencies and the news media.  Meetings are noticed and open to the public.  Financial audits are conducted annually by outside auditors, and financial reports are filed annually with the State Controller.  Conflict of interest forms are filed regularly for the public record.


District Directors must reside within the towns or Crockett or Port Costa, communities of less than 3,500 total population. They are elected by their neighbors, who have the opportunity to meet and know the Directors on a personal level if they wish. Commissioners are appointed by the District Board. Directors and Commissioners make themselves available to residents who have questions, problems or concerns. This accessibility encourages personal commitment in the Directors and Commissioners and fosters trust within the communities. As a result, divisiveness has been absent and election campaigns for District office have rarely been seen in our communities.