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Board Members

District Directors are accountable to an electorate of approximately 2,000 voters.  They are also accountable to county, regional, state and federal agencies and the news media.  Meetings are noticed and open to the public.  Financial audits are conducted annually by outside auditors, and financial reports are filed annually with the State Controller.  Conflict of interest forms are filed regularly for the public record.

District Directors must reside within the towns or Crockett or Port Costa, communities of less than 3,500 total population. They are elected by their neighbors, who have the opportunity to meet and know the Directors on a personal level if they wish. Commissioners are appointed by the District Board. Directors and Commissioners make themselves available to residents who have questions, problems or concerns. This accessibility encourages personal commitment in the Directors and Commissioners and fosters trust within the communities. As a result, divisiveness has been absent and election campaig ns for District office have rarely been seen in our communities.

Notice of Vacancy

The Crockett Community Services District, which serves the towns of Crockett and Port Costa, California has accepted the resignation of Director Jena Goodman effective August 23, 2023, leaving a vacancy that will be filled by appointment.

The District is accepting applications to fill the vacated seat on the Crockett Community Services District Board. The individual appointed would hold office until the next general district election in November 2026 and thereafter until the person who is elected at that election to fill the vacancy has been qualified. Applicants must be residents and registered voters of Crockett or Port Costa. Anyone interested should apply by completing the Application and a written supplemental letter (Letter of Interest) that expands your interest in the Board vacancy. 

The deadline to submit applications are due no later than November 8, 2023, or until filled.

The Crockett Community Services District meets at 7:00 pm.

Fourth Wednesday of each month at

Crockett Community Center

850 Pomona Ave, Crockett, CA 94525

NOTE: Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the November CCSD Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 at 7 PM.

Please submit application and supplimental letters to the Crockett Community Services District, PO Box 578, Crockett, CA 94525; attention CCSD Board Vacancy. Alternatively, you may email your letter to

The Board of Directors will interview applicants, and an appointment to the Board will be made at the November 8. later by the District Board of Directors. The term of office is 48 months. Please call Crockett Community Services District at (510) 787-2992 for more information.

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