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Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department Of Crockett Community Services District is responsible for the maintenance of public facilities of the District, other than recreation facilities and sewers. At this time, it bears responsibility for maintenance of Crockett's Memorial Hall (Legion Hall), Crockett's downtown plaza, Crockett's decorative green street lights, and numerous green iron fences on either Pomona Ave. or Rolph Ave. in Crockett.

The Maintenance Dept. is entirely supported by grants and donations. It relies on volunteers and has no employees. The District Board oversees the work of the Maintenance Dept., receiving regular reports at Board meetings each month. There are no separate meetings, agendas or minutes concerning this Dept.

For all matters concerning maintenance of District facilities, including public safety issues, the correct number to call is always (510) 787-2992.

Our staff will respond quickly to all reports of maintenance problems. If staff is not in the office when you call, a recording will give you an alternate emergency number for reporting an urgent public safety problem. That number will change from day-to-day, so be sure to always call 787-2992 first. Calling any other number will only slow down or prevent a response. NEVER use e-mail to report an urgent public safety problem!

Contact Information

Gaunt Murdock, General Manager

P.O. Box 578
850 Pomona Avenue
Crockett, CA  94525

Phone: (510) 787-2992

Fax: (510) 787-2459


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