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Pollution Prevention Program


The Crockett Sanitary Department and Port Costa Sanitary Department are dedicated to protecting our environment through improving water quality in the Carquinez Strait and San Francisco Bay. The following information is provided to you as part of our State-required "Waste Minimization Program" to control pollution at the source in an effort to protect water quality.

Pollution prevention is something that everyone must take seriously. Many household hazardous wastes, such as paints, motor oil & antifreeze, kitchen grease & oil are being disposed of in household sinks and storm water drains. These wastes can foul our sewers and upset our treatment plant, costing money in maintenance costs. If they find their way to the bay, our water quality is degraded and Crockett may have to pay fines. Everyone can help reduce this problem.

Drop-Off Center

West County has a collection program to help Crockett safely dispose of common household wastes that might otherwise harm our environment. A drive-thru drop-off center is located at 101 Pittsburg Avenue in Richmond. There is no charge and no appointment needed! The facility is open Thursdays, Fridays and the first Saturday of every month from 9am-4pm. Call 1-888-412-9277 for more information, or use their helpful website at

Garden Chemicals

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District offers help to gardening enthusiasts who are interested in using less harmful garden chemicals for pests and diseases. Please go to their website at for ways that you can protect our environment.


If you have any fever thermometers or weather thermometers containing mercury, please take safety precautions at all times. Mercury is a highly toxic chemical that causes nerve and brain damage in tiny quantities. A broken thermometer in your bathroom sink will send mercury on its way to the Bay. Environmentally safe digital thermometers are now being manufactured as a convenient alternative. 

Copper Chemicals

Copper is a toxic element that must be kept from the Bay. Copper may be found in chemical products in your garden or basement. Garden products such as root killers and pesticides may contain copper. Wood preservatives and pool & spa chemicals are other common sources of copper in the home. Copper sulfate root killers are now banned in California and must never be poured down the drain or sewer! If you have any of these unwanted chemical products at your Crockett home or business, please take them to the West County drop-off center or call us at 787-2992 for safe pick-up and disposal.

And please remember never to burn preservative-treated wood, because toxic fumes are released in burning. Be careful, and be safe!

Lead Products

Lead can be found in most homes in Crockett today. It may be in lead paint on the house or in lead solder used on water pipes. It may be found in antifreeze, in leads batteries or lead fishing weights. Lead has provided many consumer benefits, but it is also toxic in sufficient quantity. To protect your children, yourself and our environment, state and federal agencies have worked hard to remove lead from gasoline, paint, solder and other common household products. You can help further by taking all unwanted lead products to the West County drop-off facility or by calling us at 787-2992 for pick-up. Please do it soon!

Kitchen Grease and Oil

Pouring kitchen grease or cooking oil down your drain creates grease clogs in the sewer system. This leads to sewer backups at home and sewage overflows in the street, all of which cost us more for maintenance. It also causes trouble at our treatment plant. We can all save money if more people would pour kitchen grease and oil into cans and jars for disposal in their garbage cans. It is better for you and for our environment!

Report Illegal Dumping

If you know of anyone who is dumping motor oil, paint or other bad things down a sewer or storm drain, WE NEED TO KNOW! Unsafe disposal is causing damage and costing us all money. You can help us all by reporting unsafe practices, anonymously or not. A neighborhood drug lab, for instance, can be more dangerous than most people may realize because our Sanitary District may have to pay fines for toxic chemicals in our wastewater. Call us at 787-2992.

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