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History of the Sanitary Department

The Crockett-Valona Sanitary District (CVSD) was formed in 1953 pursuant to a petition from property owners of the towns of Crockett and Valona. District boundaries were fixed by resolution of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors on June 23, 1953. CVSD was officially formed by resolution of the Board of Supervisors on August 25, 1953, following a public election held on August 18, 1953. The initial Board of Directors was elected to office at the same time and held its first meeting on September 11, 1953.

CVSD was formed pursuant to Sections 6400 to 6915 of the State Health & Safety Code as an independent special district. Its primary functions at that time were (1) to maintain and repair the existing sewer system, and (2) to plan construction of the towns' first primary sewage treatment plant. Up to that time, Contra Costa County had held responsibility for the sewer system.

The primary treatment plant was built by CVSD on shoreline property west of Valona and was placed in operation in 1960. Funding for the project was provided through a general obligation bond election, a federal grant and a contribution paid by C&H Sugar Co.

In 1972, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency required that sewage be treated to a higher level before disposal to the Carquinez Strait. Feasibility studies resulted in construction of a secondary wastewater treatment plant by C&H Sugar Co., of which CVSD became co-owner. Funding for CVSD's costs was provided through a general obligation bond election along with State and Federal Clean Water Act grants. Also constructed were a new sewage pumping station, a large storage tank for excess storm water and necessary force mains. Essential rehabilitation of the existing sewer system was undertaken, as well. CVSD began use of the Joint Treatment Plant in 1979, under contract with C&H.

The initial boundaries of CVSD were fixed at formation to include the principle territory of the towns of Crockett and Valona. Four subsequent annexations to CVSD occurred in the 1900s. When CVSD was dissolved in 2006 and the Crockett Community Services District was formed as the successor agency, the Crockett Sanitary Commission was created and charged with oversight of sewer services provided by a new Crockett Sanitary Dept throughout the town of Crockett. The service area now includes all buildings and properties in Crockett, with the exception of the Crockett Striped Bass Club.

Development in Crockett is constrained by the Carquinez Strait to the north and the hilly topography and unstable soils of territory in the other directions, most of which is now owned by the East Bay Regional Park District and thereby removed from consideration for development. The Crockett Sanitary Dept. foresees only limited infill growth and anticipates no need for expansion of its facilities.

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