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District Code

The compilation and codification of the existing ordinances of the Crockett Community Services District that is on file in the Office of the Secretary of the District under the title of "Crockett Community Services District Code" is adopted by reference, as the official code of the District in accordance with the provisions of Health and Safety Code Section 6491.2 and Government Code Sections 50022.1 to 50022.8, which pertains to the General Provisions, Administration, Personnel, Permits and Licenses, Fees and Charges, Parks and Recreation Facilities, Sewers, and Source Control (Pretreatment) in and of the District.

Pursuant to the provisions of Government Code 61060 and authorized by LAFCO Resolution No. 04-22, the adoption of the District Code replaces existing codes, ordinances, rules, regulations, specifications, fee schedules that were in place prior to the formation of the District, and is applicable in its entirety to the communities of Crockett and Port Costa, California within the District Boundary, as authorized by LAFCO.

The Code shall be known as the “Crockett Community Services District Code” or the “Code,” and it shall be sufficient to refer to said Code as the “Crockett Community Services District Code” in any proceeding at law or equity. It shall be sufficient to designate any ordinance adding to, amending, correcting or repealing all or any part or portion thereof as an addition to, amendment to, correction or repeal of the Code.  Further reference may be made to the titles, chapters, sections and subsections of the Code, and such references shall apply to that numbered title, chapter, section or subsection as it appears in the Code.

The Code consists of existing ordinances of the District and other language, and is codified pursuant to the provisions of Government Code Section 61060 and Section 25120, et seq.  Whenever a reference is made to the Code, or to any portion thereof, or to any ordinance of the District, the reference shall apply to all amendments, corrections and additions heretofore, now or hereafter made.

District Code

 Effective December 20, 2019


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