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Standard Specifications

The Standard Specifications for sewering shall govern requirements, design, and all work in connection with sewer construction and/or projects financed by private individuals within the jurisdiction of the Crockett Community Services District of Contra Costa County, California.

The jurisdiction of the District includes the entire sewerage system and its appurtenances from the point of connection with the building plumbing to the discharge terminus of the treatment plant outfall.  The District Code and all ordinances of the District shall be considered a part of these Specifications and all plans, profiles, cut sheets, right-of-way documents, and specifications shall conform to the standards and requirements herein established.

Updated by Resolution No. 18/19-24

To assist contractors that primarily work on sewer laterals Section 32 was added which consolidates specifications related to sewer laterals into one chapter.

Standard Specifications for Sanitary Sewers

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