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Licenses & Permits

The Crockett Sanitary Department and Port Costa Sanitary Department require permits for any repair, modification, or new construction of sanitary sewers within the District.  Permits must be issued before work begins and can be obtained from the District office.

Building Permits
Building permits are issued by the Contra Costa County's Building Inspection Department.  Three sets of plans are required by the County and must be approved by the Crockett Sanitary Department or Port Costa Sanitary Department prior to submitting plans to the County.  There is no fee for this service.  It is recommended you call the District office ahead of time to make sure someone is available to review your plans.

Business Licenses
A Business License is an annual tax you pay each calendar year for doing business within the unincorporated area of County of Contra Costa.  The County, by Ordinance, requires that you obtain a license for conducting business within the unincorporated area, even if your business is located outside our limits or you have a business license from another city.  For more information on business licenses, contact the Contra Costa County Treasurer - Tax Collector Department.

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