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Real Property

The District owns and leases various property throughout Crockett and Port Costa to provide the public with sanitary sewer and receation services.

Crockett Sanitary Department

The District owns three small properties in fee that is used by the Crockett Sanitary Department. Two properties are located on the shoreline just west of town, where two buildings of the old treatment plant and a storm water storage tank are still in use by the Crockett Sanitary Department. The third property is the site of a tiny pump station off Loring Avenue.

The District owns a pumping station located under the Carquinez Bridge on land leased from the State. The District owns a minority share of the Philip F. Meads Joint Treatment Plant located on the west side of the bridge, also on land leased from the State. The wastewater outfall in the Carquinez Strait is owned solely by the District and leased to C&H Sugar Co. for use by the Joint Treatment Plant.

The District owns nearly 16 miles of gravity sewers throughout Crockett along with several force mains. While most are located within public right-of-ways, a great many are located within private property. Consequently, the District has acquired easement rights for such sewer mains and force mains. One easement is leased from Union Pacific Railroad for an annual fee.


Port Costa Sanitary Department

The District owns just one small property in Port Costa that is used by the Port Costa Sanitary Department. This property is on the shoreline at the end of Canyon Lake Drive, where the wastewater treatment plant is located. An underground wastewater holding tank ('septic tank') nearby has been leased in perpetuity from the Union Pacific Railroad at no cost.

The Port Costa Sanitary Commission enjoys the use of rent-free space at the Port Costa School to hold its monthly public meetings, which are typically held at 7:00 PM on the first Wednesday of each month.


Recreation Department

The District owns the property that houses the Crockett Community Center, pool, and Alexander Park at the corner of Rolph Avenue and Pomona Street. 


Maintenance Department

The District owns Crockett's Memorial Hall (Legion Hall), Crockett's downtown plaza, Crockett's decorative green street lights, and numerous green iron fences on either Pomona Ave. or Rolph Ave. in Crockett.

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